Keep Up! 014: Keita Sano – Jewels

Jewels EP_Packshot

Keep Up! Records is very proud to present the Jewels EP, the first release on the label from 23 year old Japanese producer Keita Sano, four tracks of out there Hip-Hop released digitally and in a very limited special edition postcard vinyl edition. Hailing from Okayama prefecture, Keita Sano previous releases on labels such as Strictly Groove, Enother Blessing and Tom Tam Records, marked him out as one of Japan’s most original new artists, drawing inspiration from traditional Japanese music to create his startlingly original hip-hop, disco and leftfield tracks.

Getting straight down to business the EP’s opener and title track, 5 Kinds of Jewels, is an instantly accessible cut, a laid back groove and cut up Japanese vocals, brought to life via Sano’s flair for sample digging and beat making. Rose Sunshine takes things a little further down the rabbit hole, a heavier beat and wandering piano reminiscent of something out of the Brainfeeder camp, whilst on D-Parts Sano takes all conventions and throws them out of a Tokyo skyscraper window, a full of sonic attack, synths and samples whirl around the mix as some of the most far out beats you’ll hear come crashing through the speakers. Closing out the EP we have Outer Space, packed full of melody, it provides a calming re-entry after the chaos of D-Parts, the perfect way to bring us back to reality.


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