Keep Up! 016: Ded Tebiase – Stagger EP


The Stagger EP sees Keep Up! sticking with more-beat driven instrumental productions with four tracks of good old-fashioned Hip Hop. Two to stomp to; two to mellow and in the mould of a beat tape. Opening with title cut Stagger could be something straight out of the Madlib school of hooks with its immediately recognisable sample flip accompanied by live swinging drums. Two Point Four drills down harder at the dancefloor with a skippy beat, relentless bassline and coupled with a cheeky vocal hook. 5am switches the mood to back the home stereo. Laid back, but still sample-based. The blinds are drawn down on the EP with closing track Smoke in my eyes’s supremely mellow piano and double bass lick is the call to stub out the last light of the night.

The Stagger EP is released digitally via Kudos Records Distribution on Monday 16 February 2015.

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