Keep Up! 013: Foursight


Brimming with exciting new talent, Keep Up! Records manages to showcase the sound of producers all coming with a new take on different styles. The outcome is the Foursight EP, a fine compilation of robust basslines, bouncy drums and fine synth work.

Phrij kick starts the EP with blistering efficiency, ‘Zigzaggard’ is a boogie monster, taking influence from old disco and west coast funk. It could be the soundtrack to an 80′s blacksploitation film as well the perfect remedy for the winter blues.

Flipping the script, Ave Blaste and P. Lopez are back with a killer collar, serving up ‘Jungle Days’, a rumbling roller straight from a dusty tape machine, reminiscent of classic jungle sounds and early UK house. Lush pads perforate an audio frenzy as the low end and 808 bass hits you hard from the chest to your feet.

The third track by Corticyte (who recently had a track chosen by the Warp a&r team to be featured on the Bleep compilation) proves here once again that less is most definitely more, and delivers some damaging drum work and subs with club banger “Concrète”.

Last but by no means least, Tom Central draws ‘Foursight’ to a deep conclusion with crusty garage breaks and old school chords. ‘B.O.S.S’ gives an authentic take on 2 step with a new twist to the genre.


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