Keep Up! 012: Lopez – Balham Tandoori


These two tracks have been heating dancefloors for many months now, and we’re thrilled to finally present them. Balham Tandoori sees the return of Lopez in their full, vowels-included incarnation. Keeping on the exotic themes that the Paraguayan producers often like to return to, this cut was born at a curry house in the ‘gateway to the south’.

This is a midtempo, bassy shuffler alternating between skippy post dubstep and 4/4 house beats plus a tasty slice of Bollywood vocal spice. Whilst guesting with the boys on Dom Servini’s radio show, Will LV from Hyperdub liked it so much he offered his remixing services on the track. The result is a completely reworked epic vintage synth wall of sound.

Whilst the original is beaty, bouncey and straight-ahead, the LV remix is layered, complex and beatless. We think they go well together like Poppadoms and mango chutney.


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