Keep Up! 007: BestBoyGrip – Fonck EP

KEEP007_Centre Label

Keep Up! Records unveils brand new signing Bestboygrip complete with his debut EP Fonck. Those with their ears to the ground will be aware that the Germany-based Bestboy is well-known within the drum n bass world under a different moniker. But this is the Bestboy cutting loose for a minute and kicking out some modern disco jams with one foot in the past and the other in the future. This is the sound of an 80s Boogie, Synthesizer, Library Music and B-Movie obsessive.

Fonck is the slow-paced opener with heavy-hitting synth drums but reflective keyboard narrative. One of Keep Up! Records’ favourite producers Architeq provides a dubby, spacey remix sounding like something Luke Vibert might have included on his Nuggets Library compilations. On the flipside the pace quickens with the flexible bassline but tight groove of Copyright. The EP closes with the house-tinged Cross My Mind, which builds on the strong melody-lead theme of the other tracks even further with the aid of catchy synth lead and vocal hooks. The Fonck EP sits comfortably next to artists such as Faze Action, LCD Soundsystem and Ilija Rudman. Just the way Keep Up! likes its modern disco.


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"Enhanced Electro-Boogie from Bestboygrip - apparently a German D&B producer working under the cover of anonymity. On the A-side he knocks out the terrific slow jammer 'Fonck' with deftly nudged drum machine syncopations and a proper lazered finish. Architeq follows with a dubbier remix in a slower yet busier and more kinetic style. On the flip 'Copyright' struts on a tidy disco vibe driven by plump bass and a bristling percussion before stepping up with the more soulful proto-house/disco bounce of 'Cross My Mind'. This EP will almost definitely appeal to fans of Luke Vibert, Ilija Rudiman or The Emperor Machine." Boomkat