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Q: For those who might not have heard about you before give us a little bit of info about who you are:

A: I am Ded Tebiase and I’m a beatmaker / producer, or whatever you wanna call it, from sunny Bristol.

Q: What inspired you to start creating music?

A: I always wanted to be DJ since I discovered hip hop in the mid 90’s, so I think it’s just a progression from that. I always used to check the production credits on the tape inlays whenever I got a new tape, so I learnt the names of the people who produced the tracks I liked so I knew who to look out for. Maybe that’s a weird thing for a young teen to do now as the art of the inlay is dead and all that, but back then that was important!

Q: It seems there is quite a tight beat-makers scene in Bristol. Does it feel like that to you? Who else in Bristol do you connect with?

A: Yeah it definitely is! So many talented beat makers and a couple are seriously good MCs too which is always dope! Everyone supports each others stuff and there are more and more nights cropping up that are getting producers in to showcase themselves. It’s quite tough to break into the London circle as London has pretty much had UK hip hop locked down forever but it’s happening and it feels good to be part of!

Q: Does Bristol’s rich musical history have any significance to you at all?

A: Yeah definitely. It’s hard to ignore the history the city has musically. Dummy is still in my top 3 albums ever!

Q: Can you give us an insight into your creative process?

A: I honestly don’t really have a set process. This is gonna sound really smug but it just kinda happens. I am in no way the most technical person when it comes to music production. I don’t lose any sleep over frequencies clashing a bit and all that crap. The way I see it is that imperfections make things perfect! I like the sound of static and hiss and glitches and bad quality drums and all that good stuff. The amount of time some producers I know spend cleaning stuff up is the same amount of time I spend making stuff sound fucked haha!

Q: What’s your essential bit of studio kit?

A: My Maschine Mikro!! Although I hated it when I got it, I have since learnt how to use it. It is amazing!

Q: What was the last record you bought?

A: It was a 45 of Odyssey – Back To My Roots from ebay.

Q: If you could pick one MC to flow over your beats, who would it be?

A: My answer to this changes every day I reckon haha! Today I’m gonna say CL Smooth because I was listening to the Main Ingredient the other day and that dude was ill!

Q: Aside from your music, we understand you’re a bit of sneaker geek, how many pairs do you own?

A: Not as many as I used to have! And it’s not as impressive as people are hoping. It’s around about 50 pairs. I actually have no more room for anymore so it rarely gets above that amount. No doubt if I had more space and money it would be in the 100s! I’m an addict for the culture tho! The history of the brands and shoes and all that stuff.

Q: Where are you going next with your music? Any forthcoming projects?

A: I’m currently working on a new album with a dutch MC called Risskant. We are about 3 tracks in so it’s still early days but its sounding good! Real real gritty Boom Bap type stuff! I have no idea what he’s chatting about but the flow he has is sick!! Keep an eye out for it later in the year as it’s only gonna be available on tape!

The Stagger EP is released digitally via Kudos Records Distribution on Monday 16 February 2015.

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