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Ded interview

Q: For those who might not have heard about you before give us a little bit of info about who you are: A: I am Ded Tebiase and I’m a beatmaker / producer, or whatever you wanna call it, from sunny Bristol. Q: What inspired you to start creating music? A: I always wanted to… Read more


Announcing Stagger, a new EP from Ded Tebiase out 16 Feb 2015!

The story of this EP begins on London-based radio station Itch FM. Keep Up!’s Tom Central tuned in to hear his friend Bobafatt’s weekly Sunday Scenario show in mid-2014. Amongst all the new music, one producer caught Tom’s ear: Bristol-based beat-maker Ded Tebiase. The Stagger EP is the result of this connect. Although born in… Read more


Keep Up! presents: Musique pour danser

As we approach the end of the year, Keep Up! returns for another round of eclectic music mayhem at Brixton’s best music boozer The White Horse! Djs, Alex Wybraniec AKA Invisible A, Ave Blaste and Tom Central will make their journey from hip hop to jungle, via soul, disco, boogie, house and all sorts of… Read more


VCR, Friday 21 November at Electric Social with Invisible A & Avé Blaste

VCR Returns for the penultimate date for 2014, this time with a special focus on Keep Up! Invisible A & Avé Blaste from the crew behind the label take over the reigns for this month. Invisible A performs a VJ set of soul, disco and house in sound and vision, whilst Avé Blaste delves deeper… Read more


Zigsbig – Part One EP is out now!

The wait is finally over. The debut release from Australian modern Jazz group Zigsbig is out now to buy digitally. You can purchase the release from a whole host of online stores but here are two: Bandcamp and iTunes Thanks goes to the band themselves for their help with the release, Will and Simon AKA… Read more

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